Most Important Players (Part 2): Arsenal FC

Arsenal have had a reasonably good season so far, getting to the finals of the League Cup, the quarters in the FA Cup and the Round of 16 in the Champions League, only to be eliminated. Along with that, they’re second in the BPL. Here we shall assess the players that have been instrumental in their season so far.

Samir Nasri (Best Player For Arsenal)

It has taken a season for the Frenchman to hit his stride and he has had a wonderful season so far for the Gunners, earning himself of being the best player for Arsenal this season according to us. His dribbling brilliance and passing skills have propelled Arsenal to the higher depts of the Premier League and with a chance to win this season with a good title run in.

Theo Walcott (2nd Best)

Amazing last couple of months for the English (sometimes) International. Walcott has proved to be a speed menace over the January and February period and will certainly hope his good form can help Arsenal to their first league title in over 5 years. Was amazing in the match against West Ham.

One for the future... Wilshere

Jack Wilshere (Hotshot)

Jack Wilshere has been selected as our ‘hotshot’, the spot that goes to a player who can make a difference, whilst not playing in all the matches in this season’s championship. Our previous hotshot was Suarez. Wilshere has the composure, the skill and the physicality to become a top player and everyone knows it, he shone in the England matches.



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2 responses to “Most Important Players (Part 2): Arsenal FC

  1. zosmar

    i want to be a soccer player some day!

  2. bowbow ninjanoy

    arsenai เก่งมาก สู้ต่อไปนะ

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