Jonjo Shelvey, The X Factor For Liverpool?

Well, forget his recent Twitter exploits, forget the fact that he has been injured for quite a while now and remember the times when he was playing for Liverpool

Shelvey can bring that extra youthfulness and explosiveness into the team, we haven’t seen him play football for the Liverpool FC first team much, but once you watch him playing in the reserves and the England U21s, you’ll understand why I rate him so highly.

With his good close control and perhaps his extra X factor of surprise could help spur Liverpool FC onto a potential European place finish, and get Liverpool into a good financial position for next season. Personally, I think that Shelvey is way better than Spearing.

He’s got the cooler head, whilst I think Spearing is most of the time, fairly rash with his decisions, often being hurried to play a pass or sometimes even playing a pass to early. Jonjo Shelvey is both speedy and an intelligent player, almost a carbon copy of a younger Steven Gerrard.

If you’re STILL not convinced by what I’m saying then check out this Youtube video, and watch his dazzling skills whilst he was at Charlton. (Mind you, he’s better than that now though)

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