Arsenal In For Cross London Transfer

Woodgate... Arsenal Bound?

Apparently, according to newspapers all round, they  have reported that Arsenal are intent on resolving their defensive crisis rather sooner than later

And the man in whom is seen as the man to bring the experience and talent to the back four is Tottenham’s very own Jonathan Woodgate. The 31-year-old is out of contract at the end of the season and is unlikely to be offered a new deal because of his poor injury record.

The Frenchman believes Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou are good enough defenders to win Arsenal the Premier League for the first time in seven years. But injury concerns over Djourou and Vermaelen highlights the issue of only having Sebastian Squillaci as cover.

Woodgate will be offered a one-year rolling contract according to several different sources coming from the Arsenal camp and Wenger will be keeping an eye on the centre-back to see if he is worth taking a risk on.

Over the years a number of defenders have changed their allegiances in North London. Sol Campbell left Tottenham for Arsenal in 2001, while William Gallas did the opposite last summer.


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9 responses to “Arsenal In For Cross London Transfer

  1. Hashim

    wasting time on another crock

  2. What are you on mate? Jonathan RVP Senior Woodgate to Arsenal? First at what age? Second with which legs? Yeah, coming to Arsenal as ball boy not as a player cos he is permanently addicted to injuries and I have it on good authority that RVP does not like a player sharing the treatment table with him as often.

  3. huh?

    April fool’s day in advance?

  4. david mukuria

    wenger must be mad to bring another injury prone player.

  5. irumba

    Surely wenger will have run out of ideas if makes the mistake to bring a person playing in borrowed time,if he does so then he will be a damager instead of a manager

  6. usman jalloh

    bad news

  7. Danny

    If this is true then one word describes it…Ridiculous! Imagine if he came in at the expense of Squillaci! There would then be 2 injury prone defenders (Djourou n Woodgate) plus Vermaelen (who knows what’s going on and when he will be back!?!). Add to that Laurent ‘Phillipe Senderos’ Koscielny! The defence will end up being even worse! Let’s hope Wenger has some common sense left! Bring in Buffon, G. Cahill, Melo/Gago, Hazard (can’t see it) and Benzema! In order to remain competitive next season Wenger has to spend to match the rest!

  8. ayipochem

    If wenger had not been opportuned to study economics, he would have been a perfect highway robber. Arsenal has no much debt left, i think d man shd be relieved urgently. Rijkaard is another option

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