Fuelling The Rumours: Arsenal’s Fabregas to Barca

Important... Fabregas

Well, in the continuation of the ‘Will He, Won’t He’ move for Fabregas to Barcelona, Barcelona are rumoured to be letting go of 6 players to fund the Fabregas transfer

Barcelona are planning to cut 6 first team stars in the summer according to esteemed Spanish publication AS in to try and  raise funds to launch a bid for Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas. Several Arsenal sources have rated Fabregas as worth 60 million pounds, believing he is right up there with Torres, Kaka and Ronaldo.

Barcelona have been unwilling to budge, and are trying to hold up for a transfer with an estimated value of around 36 million pounds. Of the players named Ibrahim Afellay is perhaps the most attractive with many sides interested in the former PSV man who only arrived at the club in January. Jeffren has been linked with a move to Liverpool and Aston Villa are reportedly keen on utility defender Gabriel Milito.

The Arsenal players are rumoured to be unhappy following 6 years of a trophy drought. (Please, no haters commenting about Liverpool FC, they will be flagged)



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5 responses to “Fuelling The Rumours: Arsenal’s Fabregas to Barca

  1. Allen

    make sure you don’t go Cesc

  2. A4L...

    I love Arsenal and I love Fab4 but if he were to go and we use the money to get a readymade worthy and confident replacement, then would it hurt?
    I want them to win the league and then if he wants to go, he can go as long as the Catalans cough up 50+. Or 40mil and Bojan..
    What I fear most is that he leaves and doesn’t make it at Barca cos of the competition in front and maybe his hamstring. Just like Flamini and Hleb although Flam didn’t light up the park, he was tough. Now they have jumped from club to club and I think nothing really to show, they’ve said they regret doing this…
    anyway, Comon the Arsenal and stay please Cesc Fabregas….

  3. A4L...

    oops meant 35 mil.
    Arsenal Forever…

  4. Michael Jambwa

    I am a Gunner to the bone. The issue of Fabregas going is a sad one. But there ir nothing that the young man can do about it. Wenger is the problem. His philosophy of not winning stinks. Let him go so that he wins something whilst he is still young. Maurinho for Arsenal

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