The Weird Language Within The Arsenal-Barcelona Fabregas Saga

Here we go again, here’s another ‘rumour’ within the Cesc Fabregas transfer saga, well, now it comes from Barcelona’s part, claiming that Barcelona aren’t (again) willing to break the bank to fund the transfer

Being only of a tender age of 23 and with a contract until 2015, Arsenal believe that Fabregas belongs among the elite group of players (Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres) who have commanded transfer fees of at least €50 million, and absolutely rightly so in my opinion.

Barca is not disposed to pay €50 million for Cesc Fabregas next summer.

Important... Fabregas

It is impossible due to a simple reason. In football, prices are reduced each year and, if we offered Arsenal €40 million for Cesc last summer, 50 million is now impossible. If the coach demands Cesc we will negotiate with the Gunners but at a correct limit and without madness and, if the operation is not possible, we will wait for other opportunities

Sandro Rosell, the Barcelona president

So, in other words, the deal could still happen, just as long as Arsenal drop their asking price…

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One response to “The Weird Language Within The Arsenal-Barcelona Fabregas Saga

  1. Alex

    Players comes ad go.Cesc is under a contract.
    so who said that Barcelona have the divine right to sign him ?
    Sure one will say Cesc himself want to join them- but then what about the club ?
    If man city or other clubs they play more and the player insists to leave ship him to the higher bidder.End of the story.

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