Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere’s Individual Highlights vs Wales

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere continues to grow into the incredible intelligent midfielder many had predicted, his mature performances are above and beyond Arsene Wenger’s expectations and England appear to have a new leader in the making.

Well, he’s certainly making a name for himself and I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see him be handed the armband rather sooner than later, with assured passing and skillful dribbling, he’s one to watch.



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3 responses to “Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere’s Individual Highlights vs Wales

  1. Ifeanyi stanley A.

    Truly jack wilshere is one of the best mildfielder inthe world as at now,but Arsenal boss wants to currupt him by not giving him what he wants(quality players like him)assuming he is playing with his class he would have create unforgettable history.

  2. Temitope

    Ifeanyi,What a comment?When did wilshere become a knwn star? U know nothin about football so keep ur mouth shut and stop accusin d club.

  3. sol

    your head is not correct. in arsenal jack was made and there are other quality players like him and even more than him in arsenal now and in the pipe line. so be careful of what you say.

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