Arsenal’s Fabregas’ Weapon Of Choice: CTR 360

In this new series on our blog, we look at what the stars use, and what better way to start it then Fabregas, his weapon of choice: CTR 360

Fabregas is a huge fan of the Nike products, and the CTR 360 is certainly right up there as his favourites, he has played it all of this season and here’s the breakdown of all the CTR 360s features!

The Boot – Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite

Colour: Challenge Red/White/Black

Category: Control Boot

Price : £224.99

The General Feel

Often described as being able to ‘Fit Like A Glove’, has a wonderful feel, one of the many reasons why many footballers pick the CTR 360.

It’s In The Name

Well, Nike couldn’t have called it CTR 360 without having one crucial thing with the boot: control. And it has absolutely fantastic control, that’s exactly why the top midfielders wear it. If you’re a midfielder, this is the boot for you, from passing mastery to dribbling trickery, you’ll have all the control you need to spring the defense.

About the boot

And the CTR360 Maestri II Elite are certainly different. The success of the first version was incredible. The original CTR football boots, released in 2009, were groundbreaking in the fact that many of Europe’s elite players flocked to wear the boot, despite it being a completely new concept.

And that’s because it was designed and marketed towards the ‘midfield maestro’ of the team. And over the course of last year, the boot has been seen more and more, with players from all positions snapping up the chance to wear them.

Who Uses It?

Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Rafael Van der Vaart, Jack Wilshere (and many more playmakers!)

So here’s a video on the CTR 360!


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