Look Into Liverpool’s Future Stadium [Pictures]

Liverpool FC have officially decided that they want to expand Anfield instead of the originally proposed move away from Anfield. Here are the facts, figures and pictures behind the expansion.

Sports-Stadia have released the basic design behind Anfield’s expansion to being a potentially 60,000 fitting capacity. The design was come up with in the year of 2010, but it has kept a relatively low profile until Sports-Stadia released the photos of the proposed expansion.

The concept behind the design is to ‘Keep The Kop, rebuild the rest’ as Liverpool try to not only save costs but also keep a large part of their history as English Champions, with all 18 of their titles coming on this historic ground.

The Pros And Cons Of The Expansion


•Well, obviously because we’re keeping Anfield
• 3 stands would conform to Uefa regulations for distances, sightlines, concourse areas etc.
• Highest capacity and hospitality provisions on current site.


• Major disruption for min. 3 seasons during phased reconstruction, affecting atmosphere and revenue
• Compulsory purchase orders required for new Main Stand
• Compulsory transport infrastructure investment likely
• No planning precedent


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