All The Recent Comments Made By RVP (Arsenal FC)

Van Persie

Van Persie has certainly been one for voicing his opinions, or should I rather say incredibly mixed opinions, here we show you all his recent comments about Arsenal’s title chances

I don’t think Chelsea will drop more than six points now

Van Persie Back In December

Well, just how far did comment go off, Chelsea started the season brilliantly and built up an ‘unassailable’ lead, but Chelsea had a horrible few weeks after that and are even struggling to keep their Champions League place.

I cannot wait because we are capable of beating everyone. If you give us even a small space then it’s going to be difficult to stop us.

Van Persie back In January

Well, this one, a bit of a dubious choice of wording here, perhaps even some arrogance on Van Persie’s part. Well, can’t wait to see what’s next in store.

I believe that can give us a lot of confidence as well, just to lift that trophy and get that feeling together. The fans start to believe and, from that moment we can really go for it

Van Persie Back in February

This one, well, we all know what was the result of Arsenal’s season, as now Arsenal are left with only the BPL to fight for, so let the comments continue!

We still have everything in our own hands and will do our utmost to win the league, even though we have been dealt a few big blows in recent weeks

Van Persie, Early March

Well, we simply have got to see how the season plays out to then analyse this comment.

On a number of occasions we have been very close but, at the last moment, it’s often not good enough. That’s the reality. It’s very frustrating when you lose, especially as a team when we’re so close

Van Persie, 24th March

Well, retracting his comments on the title there, sort of, so that’s all we have for you for now, be sure to bookmark this website though, we will provide the latest on Football News!

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