David Luiz: Unexpected Transfer Superstar For Chelsea

Chelsea’s January Transfers: He’s fast, his headers are sharp, his positioning is good and he has an absolutely awesome volley to die for, the other is Fernando Torres

Well, 2 goals have already gone the Brazilian’s way, the defender has grabbed a superbly taken volley and a wonderful glancing header to earn that ‘Sideshow Bob’ look it’s swagger again. Whilst Fernando Torres hasn’t gotten a goal for himself yet in 7 appearances.

Well, let’s gather the facts, David Luiz, signed on for Chelsea for 20 million + pounds. Fernando Torres: British Transfer record, 50 million pounds going Liverpool’s way and a massive 45 million pounds to pay for the Spaniard’s wages for the remaining 4 years in his contract.

David Luiz was brought in as a DEFENSIVE outlet, whilst Fernando Torres was brought in as an ATTACKING outlet. So where did it all go wrong for the Spaniard that was revered in Merseyside. Is it the lost in pride? The lack of love left in his game? Has he got better things to do like play FIFA 11? Well, he certainly needs to improve, I’m pretty sure there’s an angry mob gathering outside his house as I write!

David Luiz, he has gone on to be a superstar, because he’s a defender, who’s naturally attacking. No one seriously marks a defender when taking the shots, when taking the headers (well unless that defender is John Terry, he’s got one monster of a header) That’s why he has been excelling!

But he has not only excelled on the break and through the set-pieces, he has also gone on to shine defensively. Over the past few matches, the confidence in the Chelsea back 4 has seemed to have returned, and when has that happened? When Luiz arrived in the team! Coincidence? I think not.


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