Liverpool FC Chasing 20 Year Old Prospect (VIDEO)

Headed to Liverpool FC..... Pedersen

Liverpool FC are reportedly monitoring the progress of the 20 year old Norwegian whom has recently been dubbed as ‘The New Wayne Rooney’.

The ‘New Wayne Rooney’ is none other than Marcus Pedersen, who has been described as Norway’s  future savior, with several caps already credited to his name. Pedersen has knocked in 4 goals in 12 appearances for his club Vitesse and is seen as a possible back up for David N’gog or Andy Carroll.

a fast striker with a good technique, which enables him to make dangerous penetrative runs with the ball at his feet. The front man also has a hammer of a right foot and is a real threat to goal from outside the box.  Recently, Pedersen has also used his powerful shot to develop a dangerous free kick, another weapon to his armory.

IMSCOUTING, speaking on the strengths of striker Marcus Pedersen.

And to add to the speculation, Pedersen claimed that he was happy how his career ended up, and speaks of a highly potential move to England on a tell-all interview.

I think I have taken the right step in my career: Norway, then Holland and eventually England

Marcus Pedersen, speaking of his career

So check out a video of the 20 year old striker in action.


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