Arsenal FC Enter 30 Million Pound Bidding War Striker

Arsenal fans might be forgiven for not believing me on this, well, Arsene Wenger’s recent track record of the people he signed certainly does seem to point that he won’t pay 30 million pounds for a player, but it seems it is real.

The man in question is Napoli’s very own Edinson Cavani. Along with that, Newcastle United are involved in a bidding war with Arsenal, with Newcastle having that extra transfer cash left over from their striker Andy Carroll’s departure from St. James Park. Newcastle have been struggling with form lately and are looking to add added firepower to their attack.

Wenger is already battling to retain the services of captain Cesc Fabregas and with little up front at the Emirates, the French tactician is beginning to consider an uncharacteristic splash of the transfer cash. Along with that, Padrew has made no secret of his desire to buy a new world class striker.

Cavani has brought Napoli to second place in the Serie A and the Uruguayan has scored an amazing 29 goals in all competitions so far this season, leaving him as one of the most heavily sought-after strikers around. Van Persie’s niggling injuries and Chamakh’s form has prompted the possible move, as Arsenal are seeking to buy a new striker.



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7 responses to “Arsenal FC Enter 30 Million Pound Bidding War Striker

  1. Sammy

    It wil be great if it is no longer a news dat Arsene wil talk b4 transfa window opens.immidiately it opens u start hearing dat he’s going 4 a 9 yrs old by.if u’re observant, u wil notice dat Arsene is d coach dat shows oda coaches players.example,drogba, torres, suarez, carrol etc.we need world class footballers in Arsenal if we want 2 lift trophies.can’t Gazidis do what Abramovich is doing? if not dat dey are in support of what wenger is doing.2 be honest,wenger is a good coach bt dat spirit dat is in him should leave him alone.what cn u say?

  2. am d last arsenal fan to believe u. Cos stingness cannot let wenger spend money dat is not coming 4rm his totally disapointed cos its not wat l expected 4rm him 4 over 5years.some one shud advise him to buy players. He knows denilson is nt good and nt willing to improve yet he fixtures him and after causing damage he will den remove him bringing others to surfer.l don’t no what wenger is having back of his mind. To me l’ve had enough of him.

  3. cliffe

    I wonder wat the likes of denilson,chamakh,diaby almunia and bentdner r still doing in this team.w’ve been patient for over 6 years now and our patience is soon running out if u (wenger) sit back and watch our beloved club go down the drains.please discard ur old tactics of not spending because the premier league is now dominated by how much u spend.

  4. Osim

    A great piece of news,If i have my way,i would ask for a total revamping of the entire team Starting from The Coach.Arsene has caused us a lot of High Blood pressure .He should go.We need a positive change.A new Coach,additional strikers.A good Defensive midfielder and 2 experienced and strong center back.Then we can let some players like Bendthner,Denilson,Schilachi,Diaby to go and try their luch somewhere else.

  5. Daniel G

    What is the point if u buy new striker when u r conceeding double the goal no u r scoring because of goalkeeper problem and defensive problems

  6. if my comment ealier is wrong pls let me no my dear fans.

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