Why Arsenal Are Better Than Chelsea, And Will Continue To Be

Arsenal’s upwards rise this season has resulted in them leapfrogging several clubs, including the likes of Chelsea, and are even poised to win the Premier League this season, so why is that so?

Many talk about Arsenal’s youth system (don’t blame me and saying that I’m a Liverpool fan, many people have commented on many of my posts, Arsenal fans, and have claimed this, no rude comments please) don’t produce good enough talent to win anything, including the cups and the Premier League, even crediting their exits in several tournaments to their inability to spend big, but that’s what’s so special about Arsenal.

Not only are Arsenal putting more money into their pockets, but they’re doing it traditionally, creating their own talent, look at the likes of Fabregas, Ashley Cole and more recently Jack Wilshere. Compare that with Chelsea FC’s method in success, they bought a whole lot of players and then won the league title twice, then have not come that close to winning the league, meaning they can’t keep sustained success.

You certainly have to look at obvious examples, comparing Jack Wilshere and Josh Mceachran. I believe that Mceachran certainly has the potential to become as big, if not bigger than Wilshere, just look at the Youtube videos, he’s absolutely amazing!

But his progress has been limited to star players coming in (namely the useless Fernando Torres) and even the likes of Essien from a few years ago. Chelsea have a brilliant academy of players but they can’t shine in the circumstances, something that Arsene Wenger has a completely different view and way of handling.

I personally like the Arsenal style of developing players, it’s both good and cheap to have home-grown players, but not only that, it’s good for the International side, Arsenal will continue to be better than Chelsea for years to come…. many years.


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