Terry Wins Captaincy Battle Against Young Arsenal Sensation

John Terry has officially been reinstated as the captain of England, but is this the right move for the country? A man who was mocked constantly last year certainly is a dubious choice.

One for the future... Wilshere

John Terry has been named as permanent captain for the third time as he has been forgiven by England manager Fabio Capello for his off field antics from last year. Capello has once again given into pressure from the media and the fans and has named Terry as captain.

Terry being named as captain comes after Capello listed Arsenal youngster Jack Wilshere as a potential captaincy candidate, but is thought to be too young to be given the mantle of being the captain of the Three Lions being just a teenager.

John Terry was subject to a prostitute case last year, where he bedded with former Chelsea teammate, Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend at that time, which has resulted in Bridge’s name being taken out of question for both International friendlies and Tournaments.

Wilshere has rocketed to stardom following fantastic displays for both Arsenal and England, and has even been quoted by Capello to be

He is a leader but it (being England captain) will be probably the choice of another manager.

Fabio Capello

England face Wales in their Euro 2012 qualifying round and the match will be crucial to their qualifying hopes. Many fans are although skeptical of Terry’s return as captain.


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