The General Feel Around The Emirates: Arsene Must Go

Arsene has been around Highbury and more recently the Emirates now, and the Arsenal fans are now turning their backs on him, after 15 years of service

There’s a new revoulution at Arsenal, and they are turning their backs straight on Arsene Wenger, as many Arsenal fans are suspecting that progress will be hugely limited under the Frenchman. The Frenchman has for too long been seen as a man who develops young talent, instead of going into the transfer market to buy a star name and the Arsenal fans are now fearing that they are getting nowhere with Wenger on board.

Many are also complaining how he managed to use some of the money saved up to get himself a whopping new contract back last year and now they want someone new at the helm of Arsenal FC. Many saw their January transfer window as a turning point, with the Gunners unable to get the backup required in the goalkeeper position, and that has now resulted in Jens Lehman forced to retire to be back for the Gunners, prompting Arsenal fans to plunge into crisis mode.

A few are also angry about how Wenger got his tactics wrong in the past few matches, and turning what could have been 4 possible trophies into most likely 0 by the end of the season, as they have already been kicked out of three different cup competitions in 3 weeks ans are 2nd in the race for the Premier League.



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3 responses to “The General Feel Around The Emirates: Arsene Must Go

  1. Daniel Marino

    Dear Gunners,

    I write to respect your views. Arsen works for the company conglamorate and Lady share holder. His objective is how to develop youngesters (cheap investment) and turn that in to model good player for a high return (return on investment).

    Arsen’s job is for Arsenal plc’s profitability. However along side that the company is fully aware there is a need to build a good football to enjoy a high customer base.

    If Arsen goes the company will never change. So asking Arsen to leave is pointless.

    Take my advice… if you want a formidable Arsenal team like 2004, the best way is ” DONOT ATTEND ANY MATCHES AT LEAST 5 GOOD GAMES”. That way we teach a lessen to the chief executive. He will definately understand when the stadium income is dry.

    Then Arsenal will spend money to build a good money to regain its customer base.

    so please stop taking about Arsen……. if you want a result….please

  2. sadat

    Honestly Wenger must be kicked out the door like Mubarak for Asenal to lift the Carling cup.let the long miserable Arsenal trophyless season to come to an End.Nobody should be blamed,just change the whole squad,thank you.

  3. ifeanyi udemezue

    Sacking Arsene Wenger may not solve the problem. The key to success will be buying a few mature, experienced and “hungry” players. “Hungry” here is hunger for success.In my humble opinion, we need good players in the defensive midfield, striking and central defensive departments. Spending money on Squillaci was an error. Clichy’s game is amazingly declining. Eboue has become a liability.Chamakh’s challenge seems to have fallen while Bendtner continues to misfire. There is no defensive shield now that Song is out. We also do not need players like Diaby, Denilson etc. Arsene Wenger must learn to add defending as part of his tactics.Our defence is not good enough. You can imagine where we would have been by now if we did not throw the following games away – Tottenham, Wigan, Newcastle, West Brom. People like Diaby do not know how to win. They simply play to enjoy themselves. The team should be overhauled.

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