Question: Does Fernando Torres have Common Sense?

Every week, we take on a tough or humourous question and we want to try and humour you readers as much as possible, so sit back and well, read on! This Week’s Question is: Does Fernando Torres have common sense?

Fernando Torres’ departure to Stamford Bridge has been much criticized, not just because of the nature of the move, but what happened in between. Torres made claims several times that Chelsea were a ‘bigger club’, and after their defeat at Stamford Bridge against, (Well, guess who) Liverpool, he ended up retracting those comments and in fact changed his opinions, claiming that Liverpool were ‘Bigger In Terms Of History’. Well, like me and tons of other Liverpool and Chelsea fans, I am wondering, so Torres, what’s your point, you’ve already let down the whole club and practically left at the time they needed his help the most.

Now, in his latest ‘comment scandal’, Torres has now claimed that his move shows Liverpool loyalty. Well, you’ve caused enough trouble and the dust has settled, what’s the point of starting a brand new war of word and getting more Liverpool Fans against him. I just don’t get Torres on that. Apparently, he claims that he could have gone to their rivals, Manchester City (What’s with him saying they’re Liverpool’s rivals?) and Manchester United, but instead he went to Chelsea. I personally don’t think that’s club loyalty, that is in a long list of unwritten football codes that are almost forbidden from breaking. I don’t care where you go, Fernando, moving to United wouldn’t have made a difference, simply because we made more out of the deal then Chelsea. We got a hefty 50 million pounds and Chelsea, well, a striker yet to score in 5 games.

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