Where Will The 6.5% in Arsenal Ticket Prices Go To?

Well, certainly this must be on the lips of all the Arsenal fans, wondering where the 6.5 % increase in season ticket passes will go to, and here we assess where it just might.

Straight To Stan Kroenke

Well, the biggest shareholder of Arsenal has really been making big bucks as the Arsenal boss, I mean without any big transfers arriving at Arsenal, and the countless number of times the ticket prices have increased, I mean he certainly has to be making quite a bit of profit right there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the extra 6.5% goes here.

A Star Signing

As familiar as I am with Arsene Wenger’s management style, I know that this one is probably most unlikely, being that the Arsenal manager doesn’t like splashing the cash for a big signing. But who knows, he might surprise once in a while, remember Arshavin and Nasri?

To the Academy

Well, it’s not like the academy don’t have enough funding, but considering their recent situation, Arsenal like having to develop in the academy, not saying it’s bad or anything, but it will be a long term plan, a project similar to the one that is happening now, Arsenal have the best academy in the world, bar Barcelona, so this might be where the money goes.


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