Why Manchester United Won’t Do An ‘Arsenal’

Well, so it’s Manchester United’s clash against Marseille coming up really shortly, so here’ why they won’t do an ‘Arsenal’ and crash out of the Champions League

  • They Secured an Away Draw

As many can recall, Arsenal’s victory over Barcelona came in fact at the Emirates. It was away at the Nou Camp that the succumbed to the pressure. Their 2-1 victory hardly meant much, being at the Emirates, the Van Persie sending off is absolutely proof of this, what happens when you play away at an intimidating stadium, and that’s what Marseille will face

  • They’ve Got Alex Ferguson

Well, I’m a Liverpool FC fan, so it’s hard to say this, but it’s true, from his mind games with opposing managers to the way he masterfully arranges his players into a formation of 11 on the pitch. Alex Ferguson is pretty witty, even though he’s really annoying throughout his gum chewing.

  • They’ve got Capable Strikers

Well, I’m not saying that Arsenal don’t have capable strikers, I just think that the Manchester United have a better strike force, in Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez they can find goals even on their off days.



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2 responses to “Why Manchester United Won’t Do An ‘Arsenal’

  1. rockofgilberto

    Erm… how about because they’re playing bleedin Marseille instead of the greatest club side in the world, and arguably the best ever?

  2. Carmelo Pace

    The most important piece you missed fan,intimidating the ref,i hope they get trough,maybe they ( or the spuds )get barcelona,and see how they fare,or if they are bold and play an open game( the mistake made by ARSENAL )in playing the containing game,something that we are totaly not good at

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