Ramsey Could Be The Difference For Arsenal

The Welshman Returns

Aaron Ramsey has been out injured for quite a while now, and the Gunners will certainly welcome him back into the squad with open arms.

And that is absolutely true considering Denilson’s display against Manchester United in their 6th round FA Cup clash, he was branded ‘lazy’ by Arsenal fans for not fulfilling his defensive responsibilities and simply wasn’t productive on the attack for the Gunners.

He will certainly bring something positive into the side, after a horrible recent patch of form, where they saw 3 competitions that they had quite a strong grip on slip from their grasp, and that is especially true for the League Cup, as Arsenal managed to march all the way to the final, only to go down to lowly Birmingham City.

The young Welshman had been knocking in goals and pulling the strings in midfield just before his horrific injury, where he was tackled by Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross.



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2 responses to “Ramsey Could Be The Difference For Arsenal

  1. Zedgooner

    Am still not happy about you adding aquilani to a list of players that wenger must buy but finally something sensible, even though this is a gamble why not considering we need something positive and this would be it

  2. he is the direct replacement for alex

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