How Manchester United Can Win Arsenal (Bring The Comments)

Cup decider?

Today’s clash at Old Trafford will be of high importance as Manchester United are chasing a treble and Arsenal, a piece of silverware to show for their efforts this season.

1. Playing The Physical Game

Alex Ferguson is quite renown for his ignorance, that he wants to defy critics and try to beat teams at their own game, but Manchester United just don’t have enough passing ability to keep up with the gunners, and the only way to starve of Arsenal’s attacks is to play the physical game and try to hack down the Arsenal players and kill the passes. Marking is of huge importance in this game.

2. Packing The Midfield

The midfield is Arsenal’s strongest part of the team, so it is importance to show stranglehold over that part of the pitch, once they control the midfield, then they can set up several attacks. A ‘Tottenham Hotspur vs Milan’ approach would work. They need their holding midfield players to intercept those loose balls.

3. Attack, Attack, Attack

Well, they say attack is the best defence and it is certainly the case for this match, as Arsenal have a hugely fragile defence, with Koscielny being erratic all season, Djourou consistent but not up to the mark, and then you have their two attacking full backs, leaving Manchester United areas to attack down the wing.



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2 responses to “How Manchester United Can Win Arsenal (Bring The Comments)

  1. SAGoon

    SAGoon here again from sunny South Africa. Some good points you make there sir. But i have to disagree on your last point about attacking. I feel Sir F word will tell his men to park the proverbial bus and hit us on the break. If you look at his previous tactics against us he knows he wont have the ball, and knows we are frustratingly loath to shoot the ball. I feel he’s going to set his team up to work on scraps and feed the men upfront hoping to beat the offside trap.

  2. routeen

    Nice to have you here on our blog again, what you think of the match, 7 defenders! Practically.

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