Where Does The Defeat Leave Arsenal?

With them already losing to Birmingham City in the League Cup Final, and then their defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League, where does this leave Arsenal?

Just two weeks back, it looked so good for Arsenal, having just achieved a 2-1 victory over Barcelona, with the League Cup seemingly in the bad and still in the chase for the Premier League and the FA Cup. Fast Forward two weeks and you seem them having a shock defeat to Birmingham City, a draw against Sunderland in a match that should have given them Premiership Leadership and most crucially a 3-1 defeat to Arsenal after a magical night for Messi.

Well, first of all, it WAS a great night for Barcelona and they deserved their win, even their goal conceded was scored by an Own goal for them by their consistent defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets. Yes, it may be argued that the Van Persie sending off changed the game, but would it have, really?

I mean, first of all, eventually in my opinion he would have been injured, as he has just recovered from an injury, and being an injury prone player like himself, personally I wouldn’t have seen him scoring more than a goal. Next, Barcelona were dominating the game in the most, I doubt that Arsenal really needed a striker up there, I personally think it wouldn’t have made a difference, being against such an attacking minded team, they need someone up there with pace, to hit them on the counter attack and I don’t think that Van Persie has that.

So after their Champions League defeat, where does that leave Arsenal? With only the Premier League and the FA Cup, it is hard to balance their options with difficulty in achieving and the achievement in winning that tournament. I think that they should go for the Premier League, that’s the BIG ONE, and Manchester United look like they might slip up.

So leave a comment, on what you think of the Barcelona victory and/or what competition they should concentrate on, and I’ll gladly answer any questions.



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5 responses to “Where Does The Defeat Leave Arsenal?

  1. SAGoon

    As a gunner i must admit we were truly outplayed last night. The gulf in class was there for all to see. Having said that however, i believe we can take some positives from this game. Firstly, losing 4-3 over 180 minutes to a team that beat Real Madrid 5-0 in 90 minutes is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially when one considers that the collective cost of the Arsenal team is less than the value of Messi alone. Secondly, i believe our defence went a long way to losing their tag as notoriously leaky. Thirdly, Jack Wilshere, take a bow sir. Last night he made the world sit up and pay attention. His passion and work rate are a model i hope the rest of the Arsenal team can learn from. We will need his attitude if we are to achieve any silverware this season.

  2. routeen

    First thing I will note, you are a very honest Arsenal fan, I can say I see so many fans just criticize without making a careful assessment

    I totally agree with your points, especially the point about Wilshere, he showed he truly could be as defensively sound as he could do in attack, a rare trait for youngsters. I think Kosciely simply doesn’t have the game to play top class and the arrival of Squilacci was a step backwards for the Gunners

    Two Liverpool Fans co-writer

  3. San

    Yes brace desereved their win but did they really need the help of an obviously biased ref. The ref killed the game as a contest anyone could see that. It’s not an embarrassment to lose to barca as some people would have u believe. Btw barca are out of this planet simply amazing, the classiest team around. Ofc class isn’t the word I’d use to describe dani alves his play acting makes me
    sick to the stomach.

  4. routeen

    San, what you say there is spot on, but personally, i don’t really think that Van Persie would have really made an impact, because they were basically bombarded by Barcelona, defence was more important

  5. SAGoon

    To be honest i disagree with you about Koscielny. I believe he is improving with every game and made some good last ditch tackles last night. His reading of the game is excellent, i just wish he would bulk up a tad as he often loses out on the physical battle. Squilacci however, is a totally different story. He is awful. But one has to understand that he is supposed to be the 4th choice CB. I have to ask if anybody with more skill than him would be happy to sit on the bench when all our defenders are fit. Its simply unfortunate that the injury to Vermaelen has lasted this long.

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