Why Manchester United Can’t Win The Premier League Title (Bring The Comments)

Manchester United are at the top of the table right now, although Arsenal are just 3 points behind with a game in hand, so, how bad can Manchester United’s season get?

1. Injuries In Their Defence

Manchester United don’t exactly have the fittest defenders in Rio Ferdinand and Johnny Evans, and to add to that, there’s always feisty Vidic who always gets into the thick of the action, getting himself a few red cards. Their defensive problems were shown generally in their 3-1 defeat to Liverpool FC, and even emphasized by having conceded a first goal which someone simply should have stopped in the top tier of English football.

2. Dips In Form

Well, Manchester United seemed invincible just 5 or 6 matches ago, but then come Wolves and fast forward 4 more matches, they have collected an additional 2 defeats. For the record, Manchester United have lost 3 of their last 5 matches. That will certainly be interesting to watch, to see how they can come out of their bad form, who knows? Maybe this will last the whole season.

3. They still have to play Arsenal AND Chelsea

Bar the Liverpool match they played at Old Trafford, there hasn’t been a wonderful display by Manchester United in Big 4 encounters, and in the remaining matches, they still have to face both Arsenal AND Chelsea, and that will be defining in the title race.



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5 responses to “Why Manchester United Can’t Win The Premier League Title (Bring The Comments)

  1. billyboneshaker

    interesting points…
    1. Smalling is able deputy for Rio (at least this season) and Vidic has been a rock. He is usually good for a red card a season and that has happened. Doubt if he would be suspended again. But yes, if he is not playing even 1 game, big trouble.
    2. United haven’t exactly taken the world by storm with thr display. I think they have been off form entire season. They have always seemed beatable. Its just that it wasn’t happening till now
    3. Yes, that would be a worry but considering United’s record against Arsenal recently, I would think United will get 3 points from those 2 games.

  2. routeen

    Good statements made by you there, and I totally agree, I just think that Manchester United simply don’t have too many ‘big game performers’
    Twoliverpoolfans writer

  3. Am optimistic dat arsenal wil trash man u and so also chelsea

  4. routeen

    I think it depends on who hits form, as Chelsea have played wonderfully against big teams, bar liverpool, and Manchester United have a good team when their full squad is available ( hagreaves, ferdinand) so that will be interesting

  5. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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