Arsenal Transfer Rumours (March 7th 2011)

Arsenal have been linked with loads of young football sensations, with Arsene Wenger refusing to splash the cash, so who are they linked to for this summer?

London Bound

Sergio Canales: Real Madrid to Arsenal

Arsenal have already been scouring around to find the new Cesc Fabregas, in the case that he leaves this summer, and Sergio Canales has been named as the perfect replacement for the London outfit. But it looks likely that he will stay with Real Madrid after declaring that Real Madrid are the ‘Best Side In the World’.

Possibility: The move MIGHT although I stress the might, as it looks quite highly likely that he will stay with Real Madrid this season.

Fee Needed: 5 million pounds.

Jack Rodwell: Everton to Arsenal

Manchester United have been linked heavily to the midfielder from Liverpool, but it’s Arsenal who have been interested this time around, as again, they want a replacement for captain, Cesc Fabregas. Jack Rodwell will probably be unhappy with the lack of ambition with Everton, so he MIGHT want the move.

Possibility: Likely, as Everton do tend to accept high enough offers, such as when an offer was tabled for now Tottenham midfielder Piennar.

Fee Needed: 15 million pounds


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