The Mega Liverpool FC vs Manchester United Clash Part 3 Preview: Predictions

Well, so we have already discussed the team forms going into this game here. And we have also discussed the teams going into the game here. Time for predictions!

So we have got the previews out of the way for this titanic clash tomorrow, so now all that’s left to do is predict the game and what’s gonna happen in this action packed game coming up.

FIFA 11 Prediction: 1-0 win for Liverpool FC

FIFA 11 are rooting for the home team to win, with a prediction that Liverpool FC winger Maxi Rodriguez scoring the winner in this derby of two Premier League giants. They predict a lot of shots in this encounter that sees Manchester Unite a bit short on defense.

LMNOP Prediction: 2-1 win for Liverpool FC

Tried to be as unbiased as possible for this predictions, especially considering the fact that I’m a Liverpool FC fan, predicting that Gerrard and either a Suarez or Andy Carroll goal in this game, which sees Manchester United playing a hugely make shift defense with Smalling and Wes Brown set to feature at center back. I expect a Berbatov goal.


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