Liverpool FC’s Most Important Players This Season Analyzed

Well, so it’s almost time for the Liverpool FC-Manchester United clash, so we assess who Liverpool’s most important players this season.

We are using the Castrol Rankings and Capello Index systems to rank and rate how player’s seasons have been going, the Castrol Rankings and Capello Index are methods that give points for player passing, player saves and player shots and goals.

This will help in showing us who are the most crucial players in this encounter along with showing who can make a difference in this derby.

Best Ranked Liverpool FC Player: Pepe Reina

There have certainly been rumours flying about about Pepe Reina’s potential departure from Liverpool FC, but nobody can certainly blame him for the lack of effort, as he is the best ranked player on both sites. He is currently ranked the 66th in performance for all clubs this season, something that is hard for a goalkeeper.

2nd Ranked Liverpool FC Player: Steven Gerrard

Liverpool have been struggling when their captain has been missing, and it’s not just because he is their captain, he has been putting in great performances, still managing to get the 2nd best Liverpool FC player tag, even whilst he has a lot of time on the treatment table. Liverpool will certainly miss him against Manchester United, as he is out with a groin injury.

Random Lookout: Lucas Leiva

Everyone was hugely critical of Lucas after a largely disappointing first season at Liverpool, but his form has certainly improved as he currently has the 7th best Liverpool FC player tag. His passing, movement and tackling has improved this season and has helped in filling the gap that Mascherano left when he went to Barcelona.


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