Liverpool FC Chase Barcelona Youngster (Transfer Rumours-1st March)

In the wake of Liverpool’s defeat to West Ham, Dalglish pin-points the lack of replacements in the striker department, and is chasing for Spanish youngster, Bojan Krikic

Liverpool have been quick to identity someone who can help solve their attacking crisis, and they see Barcelona striker, Bojan Krikic as a potential short term replacement as backup to the two strikers already at Anfield, Luis Suarez and the now injured Andy Carroll. Dirk Kuyt has also recently been moved to the striker position in light of the lack of strikers.

The Bojan Krikic would most likely be successful if the move goes through, as Barcelona are reluctant to sign the youngster, and the youngster will certainly be unhappy with the lack of playing time he has been having since his arrival to the first team. Bojan Krikic is currently tied to Barcelona with a long term contract and would also take a huge sum of money to buy out of the contract, so the loan move looks highly likely.

Liverpool could well do with more attacking options as apart from new signings Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll the Merseyside club’s fire-power is seemingly non-existent. Whilst Dirk Kuyt can pitch in with important goals he is by no means a top quality striker and the likes of David N’Gog, Milan Jovanovic and Joe Cole have all failed to step up and shine at the club.


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