Special Transfer Rumour Post: Hugo Lloris

Lloris... Big Transfer Target

Well, there has bee a lot of traffic for the word Lloris, so I decided to do one post dedicated to the French goalkeeper

Hugo Lloris is getting interest from all the biggest clubs in Europe, from Manchester United, whom are his most possible transfer destination, to Real Madrid, whom are looking to replace Iker Casillas soon with a younger goalkeeper, the rumours are countless.

Fact it, Lloris is valued at roughly around 25 million pounds and that he is 24 years old. Hugo Lloris has been having fantastic performances for his club Lyon, showing both calmness and quick reflexes. Lloris also plays internationally for France, and he almost single handedly (well in fact it was Henry who ‘single HANDedly’ ) sent them to the World Cup with an amazing string of saves against Ireland.

Lloris has experience in all the top competitions, whether it be the World Cup, or the Champions League and that is something that Sir Alex Ferguson is interested in, experience. So where will this fantastic goalkeeper go in the summer transfer window, will he stay? Will he go? We can only wait and see, and while we’re waiting you guys can watch this video of Hugo Lloris, it compiles together all his top saves and simply, shows his brilliance, check it out!


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