All The Pictures From The Copenhagen vs Chelsea Clash

Anelka shined on the day that record signing Fernando Torres was supposed to shine and wins the game for the current (but not this coming year’s) Premier League Champions.

It was a drop to the bench for Ivorian striker Didier Drogba, as there was no space for him in the lineup against the likes of Fernando Torres and Nicolas Anelka. Anelka was Chelsea’s spark as he came home from Copenhagen with a brace, and an important brace for Chelsea’s season.

Fernando Torres had several chances, but bold goalkeeping, great defending, and simply another disappointing performance meant that he was still searching for his first ever Chelsea goal, but Fernando Torres will come off the match better with the knowledge that he had a shot cleared off the line, almost his first goal.

Anelka made way for Drogba on the 74th minute, leaving with a standing ovation from both the home and away crowd at Copenhagen’s home ground. So, well, you guys didn’t really want to see me writing, here are the pictures from yesterday’s action!


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