Everton Steal Victory From Chelsea

Happy... For A While

In a match that went to Penalty Shootout, Everton won the battle of nerves to get revenge over Chelsea

Once again, Anelka has a penalty saved in a major competition after his miss in the Champions League final 2 years back, as his miss cancels out his goal in the first half of extra time. Everton looked well and truly out, but what seemingly looked like nothing gave Everton a hugely valuable equalizer.

Anelka gave Chelsea the lead in the 14th minute of extra time, to seemingly send Chelsea true, but when Everton looked completely out of dept, Leighton Baines scored just a minute before the game ended. And in the penalty shootout, it was drama, for the first time in the game, with

Replacing Fernando Torres for Didier Drogba didn’t make much of a difference for Chelsea as now it is 3 games without a goal for Chelsea in regulation time, after a start this season which was simply so promising, when it was pouring in with goals. The game was taken to extra time, after an Everton goal was ruled offside.

In a game that both sides seemed unmotivated to win, it was destined to go to the dreaded penalty shootouts, but an Anelka goal gave Chelsea a much needed lead in what seemed like it was going to be a Chelsea victory, but the lead didn’t last, as Baines scored from Arteta’s knock on.

Everton will go on to face Reading in the 5th Round of the FA Cup.



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