Arshavin Silences Barcelona

Another Luckless Night

Arshavin silenced the Barcelona superstars yesterday when Arsenal turned on an inspiring second half performance to win the first leg.

It wasn’t expected, it definitely would have not been seen coming, but Arsenal have a first leg advantage over the team that beat them in the same competition just last year. Two late goas sealed the deal for Arsenal, who now head to the Nou Camp, with a slender advantage.

David Villa opened the scoring for Barcelona on the 26 minute mark, however the Gunners equalised through a Robin Van Persie goal with just twelve minutes to go. The Arsenal comeback was complete on 83 minutes when Andrey Arshavin scored the goal that gives Arsene Wenger’s men something to hold onto in the return fixture in three weeks time.

Lionel Messi and co. didn’t manage to put on their best night against another contender for the top passing team prize, and the second leg will certainly show what Barcelona can do, and in their home ground.

Interesting fact though, Barcelona just broke the most consecutive wins just a week ago, and that was a massive 16 wins on the trot, even eclipsing the great Real Madrid former record, but they lost in days ago after they drew at Sporting Gijon. This means that now they haven’t won in two games and in fact lost one of those two, unusual for Barcelona, don’t you think?

Messi will definitely also rue that he should have taken his chances, as he enjoyed another luckless night in England, once again, not being able to score in one of his least favourite hunting grounds.

Will Barcelona be able to overcome the small deflict? We will see in just three weeks time, looks like it’s gonna be a tasty encounter!



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4 responses to “Arshavin Silences Barcelona

  1. I loved Arshavin’s finish! How do you think that goal will be for his confidence for the rest of the season? Cos he’s been out of form recently

  2. routeen

    I think he’s gonna come back to form, but of course i think he actually wants to leave, it was an absolute beauty of a finish as well

    Twoliverpoolfans writer

  3. Seriously dude does he want to leave? where does he want to go? that makes kind of sense since hes been a bit out of form recently

  4. routeen

    Apparently, Chelsea or Juventus seem like highly possible destinations, along with Barcelona

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