Portugal vs Argentina= Ronaldo vs Messi

Well, so it’s the mega clash of Argentina and Portugal in the International Friendlies this week. And the battle between Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi will certainly have people’s attention as a huge tie, will Cristiano Ronaldo skill all the players? Will the Messi-ah show his magical dazzling football similarly to how he does it oh so often for his club Barcelona. This is in fact the first time the pair have met on the International Stage, providing even more spice into the encounter. Who’s got more goals? Well, of course Ronaldo in terms of International, but he’s also had more time.

The friendly is to be played on a neutral ground, in a football stadium in Switzerland. The last time Ronaldo met with Messi on the pitch was when Real Madrid lost to Barcelona in a crushing blow of a 5-0 defeat, where the short trickster showed that he did not fear the big stage, one theory that has be described of his Argentine National team experience.

This match is also the first match for the new Argentine coach, Sergio Batista. How he will cope as Argentina manager will certainly be an interesting thing to watch. He replaces the lovable Diego Maradona at the helm of managing the hugely under performing Argentine side. The Argentines went out to Germany in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in a 3-1 defeat.


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