An Amazing Saturday Of Football

It has been an absolutely amazing Saturday of football, and that’s when Liverpool are playing tomorrow! Look at it this way, already, 40 goals have been hit in in 7 and 1 quarter matches (the Manchester United-Wolverhampton game isn’t done yet). I personally think the best/biggest upset has to be the Arsenal vs Newcastle game, with the gunners looking to close the gap on Manchester United, they let slip a 4-0 lead (yes, 4-0 lead) and in the end it was a 4-4 draw in an exciting 90 minutes of football. Theo Walcott opened the scoring after just 40 seconds after a pass by Arshavin, returning to his best form. 2 minutes later, Johan Djrourou scored after attacking Newcastle’s penalty area. Van Persie scored the other 2 goals for Arsenal as Arsenal seemed to be cruising when 3-0 up at 10 minutes. But Newcastle struck back after Abou Diaby lost his temper and  hit out at Joey Barton (well, I can see why he lost his temper) and Newcastle began finding their rhythm. The comeback began when Laurent Koscielny brought down Newcastle’s Best and Joey Barton converted from the penalty spot. Best got their 2nd goal and then Barton brought them to within reach of Arsenal with another penalty. The comeback was sealed when Tiote blasted a magnificent shot into the back of the net.

Here are the other results                                                                                                                                                                                    1656: FULL-TIME Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal 1654: FULL-TIME Wigan 4-3 Blackburn

1654: FULL-TIME Tottenham 2-1 Bolton

1653: FULL-TIME Man City 3-0 West Brom
1653: FULL-TIME Everton 5-3 Blackpool 1652: FULL-TIME Aston Villa 2-2 Fulham
Live: Manchester United are being increasingly frustrated by Wolverhampton and are currently down by 1 goal in a 2-1 match. Nani opened the scoring for Manchester United
Looks like a wonderful Saturday, all building up for a huge Chelsea vs Liverpool FC clash? Looks like it! Come on you reds!
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Another thing coming in just recently. Fernando Torres claims that he never kissed the Liverpool badge because he simply wasn’t a Liverpool fan, or well, something like that and claims he won’t kiss the Chelsea badge either. Can’t he at least give some credit to Liverpool for being a EURO 08 winner? Or that World Cup medal that he now has? He has been absolutely horrible to Liverpool after his departure in my opinion and he’s not doing himself any good making comments such as those.


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