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Abramovic Leaves Chelsea, Leaves them Bankrupt (Part 1)

DISCLAIMER: This is the fictional account of what would happen to Chelsea should Roman Abramovic leave Chelsea in the summer. This by no means is what is actually happening in the real world right now. For entertainment purposes only.

June 11th 2011: Abramovic announces that he is selling the club. Shareholders go nuts, and deals for the likes of Neymar, Lukaku and Sanchez are halted for the time being. Fan reaction was mixed over the Russian’s potential departure, some happy that they can finally get a manager that can last over 12 days, whilst others were unhappy after the owner that they were taking advantage for his money was going to leave for good.

I’ve waited so long for this. I hated how he tossed aside Mourinho and Wilkins. It’s time for him to go.

Jamie, Chelsea Fan

June 18th 2011: Abramovic comes out with a statement explaining why he wants to sell Chelsea in the summer, declaring that “I want to fund my girlfriend’s new boutique, it is a big project, a little over 2 billion euros”. Chelsea fans are furious and demand that he relinquish all his power at the London-based club immediately.

July 8th 2011: Abramovic announces that he will be selling all his shares at Chelsea to an American billionaire named Tom Gores, also the owner of the NBA team, the Detroit Pistons. Players show encouragement for this move, except Spaniard Fernando Torres, who says this to various news agencies:

I recognize that this could be the end of my Chelsea career, the time has been brief, but I won’t be able to get any playing time without Roman Abramovic around, so I think that I need to play for a bigger club.

Fernando Torres, Chelsea Player (Up to this point)

Meanwhile, the new Chelsea owner announces that he is set to build a new Stamford Bridge, to buy a host of new names at the club and to ensure financial stability. The Chelsea fans are excited by what the new owner can offer to Chelsea with their new found money.

July 30th 2011: Abramovic cuts the ribbon his girlfriend’s boutique and gives some more reasoning for Chelsea fans, saying that “For once, I didn’t have money to fund a project, so I had to pull the plug on the Chelsea deal. I sold 2 yatches out of my 73 to fund this. I’m sorry”. Here’s some official footage of the shop opening.

Meanwhile, Chelsea appoint recently unemployed manager Phil Jackson, whom formed a legacy with the LA Lakers. Immediately, the fans are very skeptical of the owners, but Gores reiterates his decision, claiming “He knows about attacking and defence and is a great all round manager, just take a look at what he did with the Lakers!”

August 19th 2011: A misunderstanding in the passing of information has resulted in Chelsea signing NBA player Serge Ibaka of Oklahama City Thunder. New manager Phil Jackson claims that he actually “wanted Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta”. Fans are furious with this costly mistake, as the signing cost them a whopping 13 million pounds with appearance-based bonuses to be paid over the season.

So what do you guys think about this? Too unrealistic? Something you would like to see changed? Please spread the word!


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The June 10th Transfer Gossip

And it’s Friday today, well, been a busy week in the market, especially for Liverpool and Manchester United, so well, check out the latest transfer rumours from the papers

So Manchester It is for Ashley Young

It looks like Manchester United have won both their transfer tussles with Merseyside club Liverpool FC after they secured a Liverpool target Phil Jones a day back and now they are set to sign the English winger, Ashley Young. Young has wanted a move ever since Martin O’Neil left at the start of the year, and it looks like the move is almost inevitable now. Check out the line from The Daily Mirror.

Aston Villa have all but abandoned hope of convincing winger Ashley Young to agree to a contract extension, with a £16m move to Manchester United in the offing.

The Daily Mirror

Two Centerhalves for Arsenal?

Instead of trying to find a secure replacement for Nasri and Fabregas’ potential departures, it looks like Arsenal want to splash the cash for two center backs. Those two are Blackburn’s Samba and Bolton’s Gary Cahill. An old rumour, but one that is brought up recently due to apparent ‘added interest’ on behalf of The Gunners.

Apparently, Samba will cost 12 million pounds and Cahill a whopping 15 million. But I guess with deals like around 16 million pounds for Phil Jones and 16 million for Henderson probably suggests that the sum isn’t that hefty after all. But then again, you never know with Arsenal… So here’s the quote:

Arsenal are in talks with both Bolton’s Gary Cahill and Blackburn’s Christopher Samba as manager Arsene Wenger looks to shore up the centre of his side’s defence. Samba would cost about £12m while a £15m deal would be enough to prise Cahill from the Reebok.

The Daily Mirror

Lukaku to turn Blue by this weekend

It looks like the wild goose chase for Romelu Lukaku (aka the ‘New Drogba’) is set to end after it has been reported by The Guardian that a deal could be reached by this weekend.

The paper reports: ‘Lukaku’s agent, Christophe Henrotay, who is based in Monaco, will welcome the Anderlecht general manager, Herman van Holsbeeck, and a delegation from Stamford Bridge, and the parties will seek to conclude the transfer. Lukaku, a prodigy, was followed by a TV documentary crew for a year and, while on a school trip to London, he visited Stamford Bridge and was filmed giving a mock interview in the press area in which he declared his ambition to play for the club.’

So no Neymar at the club next season? Who knows! …. oh wait, Abramovic does.

Well, so that’s it for today and well, comment on what you guys think on these pending transfer developments.

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Sinclair to Wickham, The Future of the England Team: Quietly Brilliant

In light of Henderson and Phil Jones’ big money moves, we here at Two Liverpool Fans, offers you guys a taster to what else you guys might see over the coming years to do with The Three Lions

Connor Wickham

Connor Wickham

Club:Ipswich Town

Contract Ends: 2014



10-11 apps: 41 (9 goals)


Who’s Interested?: Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Just about all the big teams
Percent chance of leaving: 25%

A lot of interest for the young striker who shot to fame when he steered England Under-17s to the European Championship title just last summer. A striker that has already been likened to the legendary Alan Shearer, Wickham is seen as the boy whom will soon lead England to World Cup victory when he comes of age. Although his goal to appearance ratio isn’t exactly that impressive, he sets up many goals as well, and just being 18, he has a long way to go.

Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart
Age:20Club:Hull CityContract Ends: 2014
Position: Right Midfielder/StrikerValue:€300k10-11 apps: 20 (0 goals)


Who’s Interested?: Noone
Percent chance of leaving: 5%

For Cameron Stewart here, it is the case of who SHOULD move in the summer. Not really a goalscorer, but he certainly knows how to pass the ball, in just 14 appearances (not starts) in the Championship, he has garnered 4 assists. Not bad for a young midfielder eh?

Used to be a Manchester United player, and even made the bench for a Champions League tie against Wolfsburg, but was eventually an unused substitute on that day. He moved to Hull City on loan, and after several impressive performances, Hull City snapped him up on a permanent deal. He has even been featured on IMScouting.com, the top scouting agency on the web.

Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair
Age:22Club:SwanseaContract Ends: 2013
Position:WingerValue:€1m10-11 apps: 43 (19 goals)


Who’s Interested?: No Genuine Interest
Percent chance of leaving: 5%

19 goals a season is a very good number, and that’s even better when you’re just a winger. He landed himself in Swansea folklore after he managed to score a hat-trick against Reading to send them into the Premier League for the first time in their history.

A former Chelsea academy graduate with bags of pace and skill, Sinclair will certainly be the man that Swansea will rely on to get the goals next term when they are in the Premier League. With some Premier League experience himself, that will be extremely vital to Swansea’s survival chances next season.

Nathan Chalobah

Nathan Chalobah
Age:16Club:Chelsea FCContract Ends: 2013
Position: CenterbackValue:€1m10-11 apps: 26 (7 goals)


Who’s Interested?: No Genuine Interest
Percent chance of leaving: Almost 0%

Nathan Chalobah, remember the name, because mark my words, he will be big very soon. The youngest in the Under 17 team, baring Raheem Sterling, and he already has the most appearances, and is the biggest figure in the team. Already instrumental in the reserves for Chelsea FC and was really helpful in the squad to winning the reserves title this season.

Along with that, he’s got that leadership ability, being captain at various different levels whilst being on the rise down in London over the past 2 years.

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The June 9th Transfer Gossip

Well, sorry for the later than usual edition, was a bit busy on some stuff today, but enough of that, it’s transfer rumour time! Well, we got some interesting stories for you guys today, so let’s get cracking!

Phil Jones medical at Manchester United

No confirmation of a deal yet, but it looks like Phil Jones has picked Manchester United over Arsenal and Liverpool after a very interesting morning for watchers. In the morning, SkyBet called off all betting on Phil Jones after there was a report that he had done a medical at Melwood (Liverpool FC).

However, although we’re still not quite sure how it has happened, he is currently apparently now at Old Trafford conducting a medical. Now that puzzles me who made up either the first or the second one, the first story came about after Tweets and several newspapers reported the signing. The latter reason, well, it sorta just popped out from SkySports.

Liverpool to sign Nou Camp outcast

It’s hard being a Barcelona player, to think that you have to compete with the likes of Messi, Villa and Pedro for places is quite daunting. And that’s exactly why Liverpool are trying to swoop in with a deal for the young Spaniard.

Liverpool also have interest in another Barcelona forward in Bojan Krkic, who himself has also struggled this term, both for goals and for game time, so a double transfer could be on, although Barcelona will be reluctant to let go of their two gems in attack.

Arsenal Told They Can Sign Willian on several conditions

Shakhtar Donetsk are ready to let midfielder Willian join Arsenal, with Gunners midfielder Denilson going the other way in part-exchange, plus £4m.

The Sun

Well, then that sort of makes the process of buying and selling a lot easier for the Gunners, with their target Willian moving to the Emirates and Arsenal’s very own Brazilian rebel getting his escape route out of London.


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BREAKING: Jones in Manchester for Medical, Liverpool and Arsenal lose out on him?

Jones....Heading to the bridge?

More twists than a roller coaster, I have been watching news on Phil Jones unfold, and it seems now that Phil Jones is headed in fact for Manchester

Nothing much I can report, except that SkySports have learnt that Phil Jones is at Manchester United and performing a medical right now whilst there are also reports that Henderson has touched down in Liverpool and is also performing/going to perform his medical right now.

Apparently, he is due to sign a 5 year deal, as Manchester United seek a long term backup/replacement for Vidic and Ferdinand, and they are hoping that he can form a partnership with their other youngster, Chris Smalling. Okay, and now my explanation for him being at Liverpool FC performing a medical this morning:

It is understood United have offered the player a five-year contract, despite widespread reports he was to undergo a medical at Liverpool’s training ground.

The 19-year-old was supposed to travel to Denmark on Wednesday with the England Under 21s for this summer’s European Championship.


So which rumour is true, which rumour is false? Looks like the Liverpool one is false, so well, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll keep you guys updated though.

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Are Liverpool the New Arsenal?

Liverpool have seemed to be spending only on youngsters in the summer. Look at the likes of Henderson, Hazard, Phil Jones, all of whom are youngsters whom are very promising, but it alarmingly reminds me of Arsenal.

First of All

Don’t get me wrong, I love how Arsenal play, I like the philosophy, to bring forward youthful British (and sometimes French) youngsters into the team. Jack Wilshere’s a wonderful example of that, but can you seriously imagine how much/many:
a) money into their academy
b) youngsters that have actually gone through the academy only to move somewhere else

The only problem, as many supporters openly admit, is in fact Arsene Wenger’s inability to go out and capture star players, and it is seemingly the disease that Liverpool FC and in particular Damien Comolli has caught.

Who are Liverpool actually interested in?

I’ll name you the few who have been linked with Liverpool FC, well, at least are currently being linked to a move to Anfield in the summer. Eden Hazard, Phil Jones, Jordan Henderson and James McCarthy. Perhaps Hazard or maybe Henderson the most reknown on the list.

The question now is: Should Liverpool going down this path, will they achieve success. Will the youngsters manage to break into the first team? It is a formula that has been almost perfected at Arsenal and perhaps more than perfected down in Barcelona.

But I still think that the key thing to do first is to successfully mould a team that is capable of getting (at least) a third place finish in the Premier League next season. The youngsters will take several more years to develop and besides, they might do better playing at their current clubs to gain more exposure anyways.

Are Liverpool FC Buying a whole new Academy?

That’s another one of the intriguing questions now, because various players that Liverpool FC have been linked with seem more like academy players if you ask me, with Phil Jones being the one that I am mainly aiming at here.

Yes, he has performed well for Blackburn Rovers this season and if I’m not mistaken, he has gotten just over 20 appearances this season, but does he seriously stand a chance against Agger, Carragher and Skrtel? Perhaps Kyrgiakos commands more confidence and physical presence at the back than the young centerback.

What Liverpool really need

With the youngster stuff out of the way, I shall discuss here what I think Liverpool ‘actually’ need. And that’s not youngsters, that’s quality, experienced players. And by experienced I most certainly not looking at Poulsen-level.

What I think LIverpool need is a bunch of players around 22-26 years old and players who can provide something different at the red half of Merseyside. A suggestion of mine would be in Napolli’s Marek Hamsik, young and talented, and he certainl knows how to dominate the midfield. He is the type of player that would be most successful at Liverpool FC.


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The June 8th Transfer Gossip

Hey guys, it’s back to the transfer gossip column and I’ve been trying to regulate the timings to keep posting times more similar so you guys can check out the latest buzz. So let’s dive straight into the news!

Ashley Young to sign for Manchester United, Downing for Liverpool?

The Daily Mirror today have indicated that Manchester United have all but signed Ashley Young, as they have claimed that ‘Aston Villa winger Ashley Young, 25, will complete a £16m switch to Manchester United this month’. So well, have Liverpool really lost the race for the Englishman?

They are prepared to sign Young’s counterpart and compatriot Stewart Downing should they lose out on Young this summer, with The Daily Mirror claiming ‘the Midlands club will fight to hang on to Liverpool target Stewart Downing’. So that’s one transfer saga gone and done with.

Henderson to Liverpool…. for 20 MILLION?

Personally, as a Liverpool fan, I think that their pursuit for Jordan Henderson has simply gone too far. Yes, I respect that he is a good player, but I seriously don’t think that he commands a value that has resemblance to that of Suarez and perhaps the transfer valuation of someone like Luka Modric.

Apparently, a deal could be wrapped up as quickly as tomorrow, before he joins up with his under 21 teammates. The Guardian reports this transfer update.

That’s not it for Liverpool Fans

If we ever doubted the new American owners, we are getting proved horribly wrong, and they seem to be spending money like, well, as if they were Manchester City. Apparently, according to The Sun, Liverpool FC are set to table an official bid for Blackburn’s Phil Jones.

According to them, Liverpool are prepared to break the bank for the teenager, with them seeking to meet the 16 million pound release clause in his contract, if not a little bit lower through negotiations.

Arsenal and Manchester City in for Ligue 1 Player

The Daily Mail reports that there is set to be a bidding war for Ligue 1 player, Gervinho. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s playing for Lille (what do you know, same as Eden Hazard), and he has been scoring goals for fun in their title winning campaign this season.

But the Champions League won’t be a lure for the striker, with his club having already secured an automatic spot in the Champions League, so it only depends on the striker’s ambitions and his persistence to move. Apparently, Liverpool are also in the race for the striker. (yes, another one)

And Lastly

We got a story on the latest twist to Cesc Fabregas’ transfer saga. It involves Alcantara’s father not wanting his son being used as a make-weight for the deal.

For all that, click here.

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Fabregas Deal in Jeopardy

The 50 million offer including a make weight in Alcantara looks set to come to a halt after it has been revealed that Alcantara’s dad doesn’t have any plans for his son to move away from Barcelona.

Football website Goal.com exclusively reveals that Mazinho, Alcantara’s dad simply doesn’t want his son to move anywhere for the time being, as he is convinced that Barcelona is still the perfect place for his development despite the lack of playing time and him being unwanted at the Camp Nou.

He is very happy here and he wants to stay. He is showing he has the ability to be able to play and compete for a place in this team.

Mazinho told Goal.com

It was just revealed yesterday that Barcelona were apparently tabling an offer of 43 million pounds along with Alcantara as a 7 million pound make-weight in a 50 million pound deal for the Arsenal skipper. Alcantara has only made a mere 17 appearances over the past 3 years with Barcelona.

According to reports, Arsenal will be happy to take in  the (yet another) youngster. On the other hand, Arsenal are trying desperately to keep a hold of their best players, with both Fabregas and Nasri apparently having their sights set on a deal away from the Emirates in the summer.


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Arsenal vs Liverpool in the Transfer Market

On first look, Arsenal and Liverpool don’t have many similarities in terms of what they are searching for this coming transfer window, but the fact is, they are chasing the same places. Check this out.

Eden Hazard | Lille, Winger, 20

Eden Hazard
Appearances 52
Goals 12
Assists 10
Contract expires 2015
Price tag £17m
Favours Arsenal
Chances of leaving 10%

Perhaps the signing that both teams sought after the most, with him lighting up the Ligue 1 this season. He has openly admitted that he could be interested in a move to the BPL, although favouring Arsenal, so that’s a development to watch.

He, however, has recently signed a new long term contract with Lille that is supposed to run through to 2015, but that hasn’t stopped the interest in growing, with Bayern Munich the latest on the list of potential suitors.

YANN M’VILA | Rennes, Defensive-midfielder, Turning 21

Yann M’Vila
Appearances 35
Goals 3
Assists 0
Contract expires 2015
Price tag £16m
Favours Liverpool FC
Chances of leaving 10%

Both Liverpool FC and Arsenal have been sniffing around Rennes after their promising young defensive midfielder gave several stellar performances to make Europe sit up and watch. From crunching tackles to a rare powerful shot, M’Villa shows many qualities required the succeed as a defensive midfielder.

Similar in playing style and physical presence to Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets and has all the makings of being as big of a hit as the Barcelona man.

PHIL JONES | Blackburn, Centerback, 19

Phil Jones
Appearances 27
Goals 0
Assists 0
Contract expires 2015
Price tag £17m
Favours No favourite
Chances of leaving 50%

Perhaps the least clear cut battle between Liverpool and Arsenal, with many other teams interested in the Blackburn man, but it is still a battle. With Wenger still scouring around for transfers and Kenny Dalglish searching for young, British players, it can only mean a bidding war.

Yet to be handed a proper number for the first team, Jones has impressed many a manager this season with his performances at the heart of Blackburn’s defence. Don’t let the stats deceive you, because he’s a defender for goodness sake. How many do you seriously expect him to score?

BOJAN KRKIC | Barcelona, Center Forward, Turning 21

Bojan Krkic
Appearances 38
Goals 7
Assists 2
Contract expires 2015
Price tag £17m
Favours No favourite
Chances of leaving 60%

Difficult, that could be the single word that describes Bojan Krkic’s season. He has been made surplus to requirements at the Camp Nou after being made an idol among fans when he was just 17 and just a school boy. There is no clear team that is leading the race.

And this one is full Arsenal vs Liverpool, with no other team really coming in and considering a bid for the Spaniard/Serbian center forward.

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The June 7th Transfer Gossip

So we’re back to the daily column here on TLF and well, boy have we got some gossip for you today. We got some from Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham.

So straight to it!

Tottenham have Zero Interest in Joe Cole
I guess the title says it all, doesn’t it? talkSport has exclusively revealed that after some digging, Tottenham are in fact not interested in making a move for Liverpool FC outcast Joe Cole.They name the source as ‘a source close to Tottenham’ so perhaps it is true.

Tottenham chased him after he was flogged from Stamford Bridge in the summer last season, but Liverpool offered him better terms and at that point, he viewed Liverpool as the strongest side that was fighting for his signature.

Finally, will the saga end?
This is me talking about the deal of Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas as Arsenal have finally received an offer ‘worthy’ of their skipper’s value and their taking in deeply into consideration. The Daily Mirror has reported that a swap will be added into the deal for Barcelona.

Barcelona are intent on using their talented young midfielder Thiago Alcantara as part of a 50 million pound deal. He has found his chances limited at the Nou Camp and Arsenal are willing takers of the youth, so it just might work out in favour of Arsenal here. Remember Fernando Torres, anyone?

Liverpool Up Bid For Henderson
The bidding war for Henderson has reached up to Darren Bent levels as Liverpool have placed a bid of 18 million pounds for the (sometimes) English International. Dalglish is intent on adding youthful British players to the side and views Henderson as the perfect fit for his midfield.

Sunderland insiders are shocked by how quickly Liverpool have upped their offer. They were thinking of a £16 million sale, but now their negotiators reckon they may get even more.

The Daily Mirror

So it looks like Sunderland are laughing all the way to the bank here.

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